Detailed rules of the game ‘Gosloto 4 out of 20’

Gosloto «4 out of 20»: why is there sense to play?

Gosloto «4 out of 20» is a draw lottery with the largest guaranteed super prize and the biggest prize fund. Chances for winning are high, you will become a multi-millionaire by matching four numbers in one field and four numbers — in the second.

Where can the tickets be bought?

How a ticket is filled?

Как оформить ставку

1. The ticket has 5 playing fields: А, Б, В, Г, Д. You can play at once in all.

2. Each playing field consists of two parts (field 1 and field 2). Each part has numbers ranging from 1 to 20.

3. Select at least 4 unique numbers in field 1 and field 2 — you can fill in one playing field, indicated by the letter (A) or more, all of them, for example (А, Б, В, Г и Д).

4. Pressing the button Automatic, you are using an automatic way to play: in this case, a random combination of numbers will be selected.

5. After picking numbers, choose methods of payment. Or you can add the selected combination in the basket and continue choosing tickets. Then pay all together.

Once you have done that: you’re in the game. Congratulations!

How odds can be increased?

Picking more than 4 numbers in any field, you get expanded bet and have at least 5 game combinations.

The maximum possible number of combinations for a multiple bet is 2475.

The possible combinations Gosloto «4 of 20» here.

When you make a multiple bet, you increase your chances of winning and the amount of potential winnings. However, price of a bet increases as well.

You can also select the number of drawings in which your ticket will participate. One ticket can participate only in 20 drawings.

Stoloto Advice. One ticket can participate in multiple drawings (maximum 20). This tactic is used by many lottery winners. You can also subscribe to bet, and you selected combination will participate in all drawings of the lottery.

What is sales closing?

How are drawings held?


Drawings are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays at 22:00 Moscow time. The winning combination consists of four numbers ranging 1 and 20 for the first field and four numbers in the range from 1 to 20 for the second field.


Drawings are broadcasted on


Article 18 of the Federal Law «On Lotteries» requires that the lottery organizer shall create a drawing commission for each prize draw.


The winning combination is selected in the Lottery Center «Stoloto» by the lottery machine. The winning combination consists of four numbers ranging 1 and 20 for the first field and four numbers in the range from 1 to 20 for the second field.

What is the prize?

The lottery has the largest prize fund: 67% of revenue and 12 winning categories.

After the winning combination has been drawn, the results are counted. Only the bets where at least two numbers of 20 were matches are winning bets. If you guessed 4 numbers out of 20 in the first field and 4 numbers of 20 in the second, you win a super prize.

First, winnings for 2 + 1 and 1 + 2 guessed numbers are allocated. Winners in this category receive 100 rubles.

Prizes in other categories are allocated as follows:

Таблица 4 из 20

* The allocation of the prize fund considered as 100% after the accrual of fixed prizes.
** Fixed prize for one winning ticket.

Minimum super prize of the draw is 10 million rubles which is accumulated. Therefore, if the current draw will have no winners (4 + 4 numbers), the accumulated amount rolls over to the next draw.

Where can the results be found?

How winnings can be received?

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