In purchasing a lottery ticket, you are helping us to make a contribution to the development of domestic sport, as well as providing help to those in need.
8 November 2017
В Сочи при поддержке «Гослото» состоялся Кубок России по бобслею и скелетону

На олимпийской трассе «Санки» прошел Кубок России по скелетону (24 — 29 октября) и бобслею (30 октября — 4 ноября). Соревнования состоялись при поддержке «Гослото», официального партнера Федерации бобслея России.

17 October 2017
Сборные России по бобслею и скелетону готовятся к международным соревнованиям

В Сочи определился состав сборной России по бобслею для участия в этапах Кубка мира. Соревнования станут основным критерием отбора на зимние Олимпийские игры 2018 года в южнокорейском Пхёнчхане.

3 October 2017
В Конаково завершился чемпионат по парусному спорту в классе J/70

С 29 сентября по 1 октября в Конаково при поддержке «Гослото» проходил чемпионат России по парусному спорту в классе J/70. Восемнадцать экипажей из Москвы, Московской и Тверской областей, прошедшие отборочные этапы, сражались за титул чемпиона.

Bobsled is about speed, adrenaline, and the right equipment. This is why this type of sport is considered to be cost-intensive and difficult to master. We are grateful to State Sports Lotteries for the support that they have provided to the Russian Bobsled Federation over the past five years, making a huge contribution to the development of domestic sport. Together we will achieve success on international bobsled tracks. It is thanks in large part to such significant and serious support that the Russian bobsled team won Olympic gold in Sochi. Together we are moving forward to new victories, which will further help us to consolidate our country's athletic prowess.
Kirill Serikov,
Managing Director
Bobsled Federation
In our country there is special affection for mini football amoung students at secondary schools, higher education institutions, and specialised educational institutions. This is in large part due to the broad reach of the Russia-wide projects 'Mini-football for Schools' and 'Mini-football in HE', which each year gather around 1,500,000 participants. This is the sporting future of our country! The Russian Association of Mini-football thanks the State Sports Lotteries for the interest expressed in RAMF's activities and in developing the sport. Through our combined efforts we can give the participants in Russia-wide projects an even better experience and unforgettable impressions of their first big wins!
Emil Aliev, president of the Russian Association of Mini-Football
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking part in the New Year's action Charitable Giving Instead of Toys. By choosing to help seriously ill children, you have made the correct, kind decision. You have helped to bring more children's laughter and parents' smiles into the world. By taking part in the work of the Give Life foundation, you can give our charges a chance to get better. They are battling their illnesses like real heroes, but not one of them can win on their own. When help arrives, it is really like a miracle, just like should always happen at New Year! May 2016 be successful and bring your home warmth, comfort, and prosperity.
Dina Korzun
Chulpan Khamatova
Yekaterina Chistyakova