• Company history

Company history

We remember how it all began: the first drawings, the first winners, the website and the events that changed the course of lottery history. 


November 10. The first drawing of the State Lottery 6 out of 45. 159,876 tickets were sold. 152,425 people won, a total of 5,674,776 rubles. Today, State Lottery 6 out of 45 has Russia’s largest super prizes and record wins. 


November 6. At 10 pm Moscow Time, the first drawing of State Lottery 5 out of 36 took place. One happy person guessed five correct numbers and won the super prize — 435,220 rubles. Today the super prizes in this lottery are won on average once a week. And on August 12, 2013, in the 1,249th drawing, a player in Voronezh won the record-holding prize in the ‘fiver’ game — 47, 368, 520 rubles.


February. The Russian Federation Ministry of Finance launched the Sportloto instant lottery games, in support of the Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games. With the same goal, from October they launched drawings of KENO-Sportloto (since 2013 you can play via the website
April 12. The first online lottery bet in Russia is placed. It was made on the website (today And in November 2014 the site sold its 100-millionth ticket!


May. First drawing in the game 7 out of 49 (Loto 7 out of 49). Now this is the all-Russian State Lottery 7 out of 49.
August 22. Launch of one of the simplest lottery games — Top-3. This was the first game in which we started to use random number generators to determine the winner.


Stoloto was formed. Today this is the Russian largest company distributing state lotteries. Our lotteries are: Russian Lotto, Housing Lottery, State Lottery 5 out of 36, State Lottery 6 out of 45, State Lottery 7 out of 49, Sportloto 6 out of 49, KENO-Sportloto, Rapido, 12/24, online lottery for things Everything for 100, Golden Horseshoe, Russian Lotto 6 out of 36, and the Sportloto instant lotteries.
September. The website transformes into — a unique in Russia online lottery supermarket, offering all types of lottery games.
December 1. The Russian State Housing Lottery begins. The Housing Lottery has an ambitious goal — to solve Russians’ housing issues. 


February. Our selection is expanded with the legendary Sportloto 6 out of 49. Three months later this lottery’s super prize was won — for the first time in the game’s modern history. Today, drawings in Sportloto 6 out of 49 take place three times per week.
March 25. Rapido appears. This is the first Russian state lottery with the so-called double matrix, in other words a playing field composed of two parts. And 67% of the cost of each bet goes into the prize fund!


July 1. Since that only all-Russian state and international lotteries are permitted in Russia (Federal Law On making amendments of the Federal Law On Lotteries, and several legislative acts of the Russian Federation). Stoloto is the main lottery distributor in the country.
December 15. Launch of a unique lottery game for things, Everything for 100. Among the prizes in the first drawings — smartphones and cars, and a ticket for any drawing costs 100 rubles. 

2015 год

January 30. The largest super prize in recent Russian history. In the 1,138th drawing of State Lottery 6 out of 45, winners from Nalchik and Murmansk shared 203,175,894 rubles.
April 5. In the 17,053rd drawing of Rapido, the extremely unusual combination came up: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, +4. The winner took 4,269,583 rubles.
May 7. First drawing of 12/24. This is the only Russian lottery in which the super prize is won by the person who didn’t get one single number correct.
September 5 and 6. NTV hosts new television lotteries — Russian Lottery 6 out of 36 and Golden Horseshoe.

Today Stoloto offers all types of lotteries: bingo, number drawings, instant, and lotteries for things. Lottery tickets can be purchased at any lottery kiosk, the online lottery supermarket, and via the Stoloto mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can also take part in the lottery using your mobile phone, by sending a text message to 9999.

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