• How to play the lottery on the website

How to play the lottery on the website is the first Russian resource that allows you to play both state and non-state lotteries online.
It is simple, convenient, and safe. You choose your numbers on the screen, send the lottery receipt to the basket, and pay with your chosen method of payment: using various types of e-wallets, with a plastic card or a mobile phone, or using a Wallet specially created on our website. If you win, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone with a code to claim your lottery prizes. There are a lot of ways to claim — transfer to an e-wallet, to a bank account or to a VISA card, as well as to a mobile phone account or in cash via the Anelik system.

How to register in the system
How to log on
How the Stoloto Personal Area is set up
How to place a bet
How to pay for a bet
How to check that your bet has been placed
How to claim your lottery prizes
How to request the lottery prizes code again if you accidentally deleted the text message
How to use lottery prizes to place a new bet
What is the Wallet
What is a gift bet
How to invite a friend

How to register

Go to the registration page at using the link at the top left of the page.

How to play the lottery

Enter a name, password, e-mail address at which you will receive confirmation, and your mobile phone number. You must enter your own mobile phone number, because this is the number to which we send the information you need to claim any lottery prizes.
Pay attention! Once you have registered you cannot change your mobile telephone number in the Personal Area. In order to use a new number you must open a new account.

When choosing your name please remember the following:

Permitted: Latin letters, Latin and Cyrillic letters, letters in any combination with numbers, spaces
Not Permitted: the login cannot be composed solely of numbers.
Once you have created a name and password, please read the terms and conditions carefully and accept them.
Click on Register.

How to play the lottery

If you have entered the correct e-mail address, then in a few minutes you should receive a link to continue the registration. As soon as you follow this link we will know that this is indeed your e-mail address.
If you haven’t received the link it is probably because you made a mistake entering your e-mail address. You can check it on the page that appeared after you clicked on Register. If you find a mistake, please send the correct address to The Administration will correct the mistake and you can continue the registration process. If your link does not appear to your correct e-mail address within 24 hours, please ask the administration to send the new one.

After confirming your email address, you should receive a text message on your mobile phone with a 4-digit code to confirm your number.
Enter this code in the correct field.

How to play the lottery

You will see a page confirming registration and a link to go to your Personal Area at Stoloto. If the link does not appear you may have made a mistake entering your number. Please send an email to

How to log on

Go to the log on page in the centre of the top of the page.
Enter your e-mail and password and click ’Enter
If you have forgotten your password, click on ’Forgot your Password?

How the Stoloto Personal Area is set up

You enter your Personal Area after logging in by clicking on the button in the upper left corner of the screen. In this top panel there is information about the balance on your playing account, a button to top it up, and an icon to sign out of the Personal Area.
The panel located just below is a menu for quick access to games. The menu to switch between various sections of the Personal Area is located on the next level of navigation.

The Personal Area has four sections: Purchased receipts, Basket, Wallet, My Info. To switch between them you can use the links in the horizontal menu. From any section of the Personal Area you can access the quick button ‘All Lotteries’, where you can look at other sections of the website without leaving the Personal Area.

Section Purchased receipts

The Purchased receipts section is your game history. The list of receipts can be viewed with hidden or open combinations. Switching is located at the top of the tables.
Receipts are sorted by game, you can switch between sections using the links on the left side of the screen. You can also switch on viewing of recent receipts in the general list.
On the right side field in all views you will see a window for managing automatic calculation of lottery prizes. When viewing by game in the right side field you will see filters: Lottery prize, Waiting for drawing, I gave this.

Section Basket

The basket is where lottery tickets that you have not yet paid for are held. They can be viewed in the same way as purchased ones — all games at once, or game-by-game, and with or without seeing the numbers.
Looking at the receipts, you can pay for them all with one click using the Wallet, or you can pay for them individually using other payment resources (click on ‘Choose payment method’). You can removed unwanted receipts by hovering over them with the mouse and selecting ‘Delete’ when it appears.
Pay attention, that Russian Lotto tickets may only be reserved in the basket for less than 24 hours.

Section My info

In this section there is information that you entered during registration. The Field for telephone and email address may not be edited. If your telephone number changes, you will need to re-register with your new number. If you enter your birthdate, we will wish you a happy birthday.

How to place a bet

The main menu of games is located in the centre of the homepage. The panel for each game includes the important information about the game, a link to the drawings archive, checking your ticket and video drawings, as well as showing you how much time remains until the next drawing — red means there’s very little time left, yellow means it’s time to hurry, and green means you have plenty of time. Quick access to games is located in the top part of all the other pages on the website.

Click on ’Play’, located in the block of your selected game.
Choose numbers on the first playing field of the ticket.
In the game Gosloto 6 out of 45, you need to choose no fewer than 6 numbers, and for the game Gosloto 5 out of 36 you need to choose no fewer than 5, you choose at least 7. In the game Top 3 you must first choose the way to play and then choose the number of numbers. One playing ticket includes 6 fields. You can move freely between them, switching your active field on the left hand side of the page. The number of playing tickets you can fill in is unlimited. You can switch from one ticket to another by clicking on Switch to a different ticket on the lower part of the page, and then put them in the basket with one click on the mouse on Place in Basket on the right hand side of the page.

How to play the lottery5

In the games 5 out of 36, 6 out of 45, you can place an accumulator bet by selecting a larger number of numbers.

How to play the lottery6

If you click on Automatic, the electronic system will choose your numbers for you randomly. You can play right away in several different drawings. To do this, select the number of drawings in the small window on the right of the playing field. In the lottery Top 3 you can also use the multiplier.

How to play the lottery7

The game Russian Lotto is a little bit different from the others: here the tickets are already filled in, you just need to choose them and place them in the basket. You can play up to 20 tickets in the basket at once. You have five minutes to choose the ones you want to put in your basket.

How to play the lottery8

If you want to find tickets with specific numbers, use the option ‘Favourite numbers’. The maximum you can enter is 7 numbers.

Having completed filling in all the playing tickets, click on Place in basket. If you haven’t logged in yet, the system will ask for your login and password. You will need to register if this is your first time playing.
After logging in, click on Place in basket if you want to play for yourself, and Gift if you want to give a gift bet.
After placing your bet in the basket, you can return to filling in tickets for other games, and then pay for all receipts at the same time.

How to play the lottery9

Automatic multibets

In order to fill in a large number of tickets quickly using the automatic function, we have created the Automatic multibet. You can switch to this regime using the button on the playing field. For each game there is a maximum number of playing fields, drawings, and numbers. Select your parameters and place them in the basket.

How to play the lottery10

Automatic bets with one click

For instant play there is the one click bet option. This is convenient if you are trying to play one field quickly without thinking about numbers, or if there are just seconds to go before the drawing closes. This option is available for all games and can only be paid for via the Wallet. The quick game banner is located on the homepage and on many other pages.

How to pay for bets

To pay for your lottery bets on the website there is a wide variety of choice. The easiest is to use the Wallet — you can use it to pay for all receipts in your basket either at the same time, or individually. Using other tools (e-money, plastic cards, and transfers from mobile phone accounts) can only be applied to paying for one ticket.
To pay for all bets in your basket using the Wallet please make sure that there are sufficient resources in the Wallet, and click the big button Pay.
To pay for individual bets with the Wallet and to select other ways to pay, click on Choose your payment method.
In the window Payment methods, click on your preferred method and carry out the payment.

How to play the lottery11

How to check that your bet has been placed*

After successfully paying, you will see your receipt, if you pay for only one receipt, or notice of successfully purchase if you are paying for several ones at once.
The receipts are located in the Personal Area and sorted by game.

How to play the lottery13

Important! Bets for the next drawing are accepted up until 20:00 Moscow Time.
If it is not possible to register a bet for the next drawing (if the drawing is closed or there is a technical problem), the bet will automatically be registered for the next drawing in this game.
You will receive an email confirmation of each receipt purchase.
Please keep these emails.
The limit on each total purchase is currently 300,000 rubles.
If you win after the drawing you will get a text message with your lottery prizes code.
TO claim your lottery prizes you must have the unique code and the receipt number from the letter and the code to claim your lottery prizes that you got in the text. Only with all three of these elements you can claim your lottery prizes.

How to claim your lottery prizes via the Stoloto Personal Area

At present there are three ways to get your lottery prizes: automatic transfer to the Wallet or to your mobile phone account, manual transfer to the Wallet with subsequent transfer to other resources (VISA card, bank account, e-wallets and mobile phone accounts) and manual transfer to other resources.

How to play the lottery14

Automatic transfer to Wallet

This method is convenient for quick transfer of a large number of small lottery prizes. If this function is activated, you will not need to enter each lottery prizes code. Payment to the Wallet happens automatically. The maximum sum for each win is 10,000 rubles, but within this sum you can set your own limit and change the parameters. Transfer is commission-free.

Manual transfer to Wallet

Manual transfer is useful when you don’t play a lot or you have won a relatively large amount. In this case you can use your lottery prizes in different ways — some money you can keep in the Wallet for future playing, and the rest you can transfer to an external resource or use for other purposes. Resources from the Wallet can be transferred to other electronic payment tools, to VISA cards, to bank accounts, and can be transferred to cash using the Anelik money transfer system.
The maximum sum of lottery prizes that can be transferred to the Wallet is 100,000 rubles. To transfer, click ‘Claim lottery prizes’ on the receipt line and then follow the link to ‘Transfer money to Wallet’, enter the lottery prizes code from the text message and complete the operation. When transferring money from the Wallet there is a commission, the sum of which is shown in the field for transferring your selected resource.

Transfer lottery prizes using the ‘Claim lottery prizes’ button

These transfers are convenient if you are not planning to use your lottery prizes to play. The maximum sum for such a transfer is 100,000 rubles. To transfer money, click on ‘Claim lottery prizes’ on the lottery prize ticket page, enter the lottery prizes code from the text message, and complete the operation.

How to play the lottery

The maximum sum that can be transferred to each of the wallets is shown in the text of the offer document. There is a commission on transfers.

Claiming lottery prizes of more than 100,000 rubles

Lottery prizes of more than 1 million rubles can only be claimed at the Gosloto central office. Before your visit we recommend that you phone +7 (499) 270 27 27 and confirm which documents you need to bring in your specific case.

If you won on the website and won an amount exceeding 100,000 rubles but less than 1 million rubles, you can claim them personally in the Gosloto central office or you can send a handwritten and signed application from the lottery player through the post.

Other ways of claiming your lottery prizes are described on the page How to claim your lottery prizes.

Transfers in rubles are calculated without commission.

How to request the lottery prizes code again if you accidentally deleted the text message

If you accidentally deleted the text message with the code, you can send a request to 9999. The format of the request is: code XXXXX, where XXXXX — number of the lottery prize receipt, typed without (important!) spaces. The cost of the text message will not exceed the normal cost of a text on your phone tariff.

*How to place a new bet with your lottery prizes

The simplest and quickest thing to do with your lottery prizes is to play with the Wallet (personal internet player account). For this you need to select the Get lottery prizes in your Wallet button on the lottery prize ticket page, and then place a new bet and pay for it with your Wallet.
You can also get your lottery prizes in a convenient external payment tool and then use that to pay for a new bet.

What is the Wallet

The Wallet is your Personal Account on You can transfer lottery prizes and then use that money to pay for new bets without leaving our site. The main advantage of the Wallet over other Internet wallets is that it is integrated into the platform. This allows you to pay for many bets with one click, and to transfer lottery prizes of up to 10,000 rubles automatically.
The Wallet is linked to your mobile telephone number that you registered in your Gosloto Personal Area. The Wallet can also be topped up from external sources.
You can transfer money not only to your Wallet linked to your Gosloto account, but also to the wallets of other users.
Filling up your Wallet from external sources and transferring lottery prizes to the Wallet are commission-free. Lottery prizes can be transferred from the Wallet to bank accounts, VISA cards, mobile phone accounts, and can be transferred into cash via the Anelik system. Commissions for transfer to external resources depends on the system to which you are transferring. To access the menu of transfers you need to enter a payment password, received by text message to the phone number registered in your Personal Area.

What is a gift bet

A gift bet is the possibility to gift the chance to win a million to your friends and loved ones. In order to give a bet, once you have chosen numbers and checked your bet, instead of clicking ‘In the basket’, click on ‘Gift’.

How to invite a friend

Sharing your fun is beautiful, and simple, and easy with our special service. In order to invite a friend to play, you just need to enter your friend’s email address in the special form and click Send.

Invite a friend

Good luck playing!

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