• How to play the lottery on the stoloto.ru website

How to play the lottery on the stoloto.ru website

Stoloto.ru is a unique service for anyone who plays the state lotteries online. Here, in just a few seconds, you can buy tickets, collect prizes and transfer them to your bank account or convert them into cash.

How do I register?

Click on «Registration» in the left panel.


Step 1. Personal details and contract

Fill in the online form. Don’t forget that your password should be strong: at least six characters, including upper- and lower- case letters, and numbers.

You must use a phone number and email address that are registered with you personally, because all information about your purchases and prizes will be sent to these numbers and addresses.

It is impossible to change the phone number for an account that has already been registered. You can only change your phone number by opening a new personal area.

If you came here on a friend’s recommendation, tick the relevant box and leave your friend’s phone number. We’ll give them a gift to say thank you!

Регистрация_Пришел по приглашению

Carefully read the contract offer, accept the terms and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.
Click on the «Register me» button.

Step 2. Confirm your email address

Follow the link that we will send to your email. If you can’t find a link in your inbox, most likely you made a mistake when entering your email address, or the message fell into your spam folder. Check your email address again on the page that appeared after you clicked the «Register me» button.


If something isn’t working, click on «Helpdesk» and write a message for our online consultant.


Step 3. Confirm your phone number

As soon as you confirm your email, you’ll get an SMS on your mobile phone. This message contains a code, which you should enter in the appropriate field.


Click «Confirm». A new page will open, with a link to your Stoloto personal area. Congratulations. You’re registered!

How can I register with a telephone number from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Tadjikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia?

The process takes a few minutes, and is similar to registering with a Russian number. Simply specify the number using the format for your country.
+380 ХХХ ХХ ХХ — Ukraine
+375 ХХ Х ХХХ ХХХ — Belarus
+373 ХХ ХХХ ХХХ — Moldova
+992 ХХХ ХХ ХХХ — Tadjikistan
+7 ХХХ ХХХ ХХ XX — Kazakhstan
+998 ХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ — Uzbekistan
+374 ХХ ХХХ ХХХ — Armenia
+994 ХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ — Azerbaijan
+995 ХХХ ХХХ ХХХ — Georgia

Reply to the message that is automatically sent by our system, then enter your email address and confirm it.
That’s it! Welcome aboard!

How can I buy a ticket online?

1. Choose your lottery

2. Click «Buy now»

3. Choose your ticket or numbers

4. Pay

5. Wait for the draw and check your results!

The «Buy now» button appears when you hover your cursor over the lottery ticket on the lottery’s home page.
To quickly select numbers or tickets, or to pay for the tickets in your basket, use the black sidebar visible to the right of any page on the site.


How do I pay for tickets?

You’ve chosen your numbers or your tickets? Then click «Pay». You have two choices: «Wallet» or «All Payment Types».

ОплатитьОплатить с Кошелька

Payments direct from the wallet are instantaneous.
The «All Payment Types» option includes a wide range of payment choices: bank cards, electronic wallets, mobile phone accounts, as well as promo codes, bonuses and access to the wallet. The speed of the transaction depends on your chosen means of payment.


The limit of how much you can spend on any one transaction depends on your identity status (limits range from 15,000 to 300,000 rubles).

Promo codes and bonuses

You can pay for lottery tickets on the site using bonuses and promo codes. How can you get them?

How do I get my prize?

You can collect most prizes in your wallet. Simply click the «transfer winnings to wallet» button on the page showing your winning ticket.

Получить выигрыш

As soon as you transfer your winnings to your wallet, you can use the money as you wish: buy new tickets, transfer to a bankcard or electronic wallet, top-up a mobile phone account. The amounts you can transfer will depend on your identity status.

Prizes from instant lotteries are automatically transferred to your wallet.

Prizes worth up to 100,000 rubles can be paid through your personal area on stoloto.ru. For information about collecting larger prizes, click here.

How can I find out what I’ve won?

SMS messages with a prize code. This will be sent to the telephone number that you.

Prize on Gosloto «6×45»! Ticket: 719, prize code: 2014 www.stoloto.ru

Want to know how much you’ve won? Log on to your personal area. If you bought a ticket without registering, now’s the time to complete your registration.

Personal area. After registration, go to the «My tickets» section of your personal area and use the «prizes» filter.

Личный кабинетВыигрышные

Check your ticket number. If you entered a lottery via SMS or without registration, and can remember the exact number of your draw, type in the details in the appropriate fields on the main ticket checking page.

Проверка по номеру

How can I buy tickets without registering, and collect prizes from them?

Choose your lottery, then select your numbers or tickets and click «All Payment Types». In the authorization window, click «Play without registering».

Играть без регистрации

On the «Pay without registering» page, enter your mobile phone number (the number should be registered to you personally: all prize codes will be sent here, and you will need it to set up a personal area in order to collect your winnings), get a security code and enter it in the next field.

Введите данные

Click «Pay», choose your preferred means of payment and complete your purchase.

Your ticket will be stored in your personal area, which you can enter if you register on our site using the telephone number you gave us. If you win a prize, you’ll get an SMS message with a prize code. You can only collect that prize after registering on stoloto.ru with that phone number.

Advice. If you’ve already registered on our site, but forgot your password, type your phone number on the «Pay without registering» window and buy your tickets. Later, you can remember or change your password.

Buying tickets via SMS also does not require prior registration on the site.

I still have questions

FAQs. You’ll find many questions have been answered on our FAQs pages. You can check these out using the pop-up menu in the upper left corner of the site.

Online chat. Stoloto’s online support staff are available from 9am to 9pm, Moscow time. To connect to a live chat, click the «Helpdesk» button at the top of the left-hand panel on your screen. Please have your account details to hand, in particular your registered phone number. Any questions about registration (confirmation link didn’t arrive, name spelled incorrectly, etc) are also dealt with using this service.

Чат Помощи

By phone. If you want to talk to somebody, call our information support line on +7 499 270 27 27 (landline) or *777 (mobile — this service is free to users of Beeline, Megafon, MTS and Tele2 phone networks).

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