11 November 2016

Welcome to Schastlivoe Utro backstage

Sunday’s premiere of a new one hour-long program Schastlivoe Utro was a great event for all fans of lotteries. Now drawing of the Russian lotto, Housing lottery, 6 out of 36 and Zolotaya Podkova are on NTV every Sunday starting at 8:20. We joined the work crew to tell our readers how the show is created.


Irida Khusainova has long been familiar to television viewers as Russian lotto co-host. Few people know that once she studied in GITIS in the class supervised by Mikhail Borisov, now they together conduct lottery draws. Irida will host «Zolotaya Podkova» drawing in a new show. 10 minutes before the beginning she gives her positive emotions to the audience.


Job of an operator is one of the most difficult on the set. After all he cannot miss anything of what is happening on the site. And so that the camera be ready at any time take a required close-up, the operator is always in touch with the director, who gives instructions through headphones in order to take the right plan.


While shooting has not begun, hosts Victoria Panina and Sergey Shubenkov familiarize in the new decorations, rehearsing how they will run lottery drawing machine during the 206 the drawing of the Housing lottery.


Host Inna Voronina also studied in GITIS with Irida Khusainova. During the show course she will have a new co-host- ALEX (Analytical lottery electronic computer system) — a kind of Schastlivoe Utro analogue of Siri, which has a good sense of humor and knowledge of all aspects of the game.


The audience in the studio has the particular attention of creators of the program. Anyone who wants can participate in the shooting. Just submit your application: +7 499 270-27-27 (24\7), or send an e-mail to The show producer will contact you, after you can come to us!


During the show, Victoria Panina and Sergey Shubenkov work not only in the main site, but also with the audience. What is typical — they do it in tandem here and there. Some viewers, who came to the shooting for the first time, it cannot be an accident. «Beautiful couple,» — gossip girls in the sidelines.


Russian lotto is a long-liver in the Russian television. As Michael Borisov says Russian lotto has tart taste of victory with a 22-year delay. In the first episode of Schastlivoe Utro Mikhail Borisov and Irida Khusainova will conduct the 1152th drawing of Russian lotto.


Tellingly the age of the audience varies. Someone comes to see how drawings are held, while others come to look at hosts. There those who want to catch luck by the tail.


Pulling kegs out of a sack, Mikhail Borisov is improvising each time, playing with numbers: «Number 9: the point at the bottom. Number 14: favorite song of the astronauts. Number 11: drumsticks. Number 13: Irida Khusainova’s favorite number. Number 23: just stamp with the feet and clap a little. It is not surprising the audience is so fond of his acting talent.


In total during the program All participants of «6 out of 36», «Zolotaya Podkova», the Housing lottery, and Russian lotto won 73,265,991 rubles. 359,412 tickets were winning ones. Victoria Panina and Sergey Shubenkov say that it is only the beginning and they invite lottery lovers to the club. How can you say no to such beautiful hosts?

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