12 April 2017

Happy birthday to our first online lottery ticket! Here are some of the key milestones in its history

A Hitch-hiker’s guide to the Stoloto Galaxy: Seven years of cosmic journeys

On April 12, 1961, the first man flew into space. On that very day, 49 years later, we saw another great event — the first ever online sale of a Russian lottery ticket.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already spent seven years exploring the Stoloto galaxy and discovering new frontiers. We have our ‘Planet of Winners’, our ‘Cosmic App’ and many more. And our astrology closely follows every draw, so none of our winners go without the prizes they are due.

The Stoloto Galaxy

About 10 million people a month visit the Stoloto Galaxy. Throughout its first seven years our site has changed more than once, and each time it’s got better and more user-friendly. Today’s is a modern site with an intuitive interface, making it easy to pick up the lottery you need. You can select according to the size of the jackpot, or the cost of the tickets, or find out how you could win an apartment or a house. With 15 different lotteries to choose from, you’re sure to find the one for you on Here you can also check the results of the latest drawings, look up which numbers appear most frequently and read the latest news from the world of lotteries. There’s never a dull moment!

On our site, you can find the right lottery for you

The stats tell their own story — and it’s a success! Over seven years on the site, more than 12 billion rubles have been won. More than 340 people have become millionaires after buying their lottery tickets online, and the biggest winner was a resident of Voronezh who won 47,386,520 rubles in the 1,349th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36’ after buying online.

Cosmic App
Every day we’re striving to make our journey through the Stoloto Galaxy as easy as possible. That’s why we created our Cosmic App, making it quick and easy to buy tickets using smartphones and tablets.

Getting lottery tickets is quick and easy with the Stoloto app

The Planet of Winners

The brightest star in the Stoloto Galaxy is the Planet of Winners. It’s a unique place, home to some very happy people. All of them are lottery winners thanks to Here’s a top 10 of the luckiest residents who arrived between April 12, 2016 and April 12, 2017:

1st. 38,333,180 rubles — the winner of the 25530th drawing of Sportloto ‘6 out of 49’, March 15, 2017
2nd. 36,111,720 rubles — the winner of the 5962th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36’, Dec. 30, 2016
3rd. 29,611,765 rubles — the winner of the 24627th drawing of Sportloto ‘6 out of 49’, May 12, 2016
4th. 16,209,440 rubles — the winner of the 6160th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36’, Feb. 8, 2017
5th. 15,096,240 rubles — the winner of the 6363th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36» March 21, 2017
6th. 14,421,720 rubles — the winner of the 6025th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36» Jan. 12, 2017
7th. 12,955,640 rubles — the winner of the 6324th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36» March 13, 2017
8th. 12,412,920 rubles — the winner of the 5387th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36’ Sep. 21, 2016
9th. 10,309,400 rubles — the winner of the 6436th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36’ April 4, 2017
10th. 9,845,250 rubles — the winner of the 4911th drawing of Gosloto ‘5 out of 36’ June 18, 2016

Everybody on the Planet of Winners has a unique and interesting story. Today, let’s look at one of them — the story of the Selikhov family.

This young couple from Michurinsk (Tambov Region) took the advice of their relatives and had a go on Russian Lotto. The Selikhovs bought their first ticket on the Stoloto site and immediately won a prize. It’s true that this wasn’t a huge win, but the next ticket — for the 1,123rd drawing of Russian Lotto — won five million rubles! That ticket was also purchased online, and helped that lucky young family to build a house.

But do you know what makes this story really special? The Selikhovs kept on playing, certain that they would get lucky one more time. And they were right! Just four months later, in the 1,139th drawing, the couple won a car. That ticket, as usual, was bought from the website.

Now the Selikhovs joke that they have disproved an age-old theory €— lightning can strike twice.

Let’s go!

The number of winners, and the number of lottery entrants, gets bigger and bigger every day. We’d like to thank everyone who trusts us and trusts their luck. In our first seven years, we’ve had some great results. But we are sure that there’s even greater success — for us and especially for you — in the future. Are you with us? Let’s go!

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