21 May 2017

A Sochi resident won a record 364.6 million rubles on Stoloto ‘6 out of 45’

It’s a new record!

Hurrah! We’ve done it! A Gosloto ‘6 out of 45’ entrant has won a jackpot worth 364,685,787 rubles. It’s an all-time record for a Russian lottery. Nobody has ever won that kind of sum before. But who is our champion?


It’s a resident of Sochi. The winner bought the ticket ... using the Stoloto app for iOS. Yes, a little device that you can carry in your pocket turned out to be worth a huge prize. The ticket cost 700 rubles. It was an expanded ticket (one field for seven numbers). Thanks to wins in several categories, the total winnings were boosted by 495,000 rubles to make 365,180,787 rubles.

The record-breaking 2,943rd drawing produced the following numbers: 11, 44, 26, 3, 22, 34. How did the winner pick them? Why buy the ticket using an app? Why choose those numbers? Let’s hope our multi-millionaire can give us a few tips. We’re looking forward to welcoming the winner to Stoloto’s Head Office to collect the prize.

And so, that seemingly unsurpassable win from Novosibirsk has been beaten. Long live our new lotto king! Right now, there’s 15 million rubles at stake on Gosloto ‘6 out of 45’. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, compared with the record, but just imagine winning that prize. It’s a huge sum that you could use to buy an apartment, a new automobile and still have some left over! So take part in the drawing, download our app and buy your tickets. Don’t forget: in the lottery, everything is possible.

We wish you millions of wins!

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