Detailed rules of the game Rapido

Game rules for Rapido

Rapido is the first Russian state lottery to use a double matrix. The prize fund is 67% of takings. This allows us to count lottery prizes in nine categories, one of which is a superprize that grows from drawing to drawing.

What is Rapido?
How to play
What can you win
Where to buy tickets
How to claim lottery prizes
How drawings are held
How is the Rapido prize fund determined?
How to learn the results of the Rapido drawings
Legal information
Tax on lottery prizes

What is Rapido?

Rapido is a number drawing lottery conducted in real time. The game is special because the playing field has two sections — a main part, called first playng field, and an additional part, the second field, and the playing card includes just one lottery bet. The cost of a bet is 60 rubles.

To determine the lottery prize combination, which is composed of 8 numbers in the main part of the playing field and 1 number in the additional part, we use a random number generator (RNG). Drawings are held in every 15 minutes. Sales for the next drawing cut off just before the drawing starts.

How to play?

The goal of the game is to correctly guess between five and eight numbers on the main part of the playing field and one or no numbers correctly in the additional field. The playing card includes one playing field composed of two parts.

There are three steps to complete each bet

1. Select eight numbers between 1 and 20 on the main part of the playing field and one number between 1 and 4 on the additional part.

If you want the computer to choose the numbers, use the Automatic function.

Игровое поле игры

2. Select the number of drawings, between 1 and 50, and up to 100.
3. Place your bet in the basket and complete payment.
The lottery prize combination is composed of eight numbers in the main part of the field and one number in the additional part. The more numbers you have correct, the more you win. Lottery prizes are paid if you have correctly guessed between 5 and 8 numbers in the main part of the field, without guessing anything correct in the additional field.

What can you win?

Lottery prizes in Rapido are fixed and do not depend on the number of players in the drawing. The minimum amount is 60rubles. In order to win, you only need to guess 5 correct numbers in the main part of the playing field. There is a total of nine lottery prize categories in Rapido, and four of them are for cases in which you haven’t guessed anything correct in the additional field.

Types of Rapido lottery prizes

Correct numbers Lottery prize category Amount
8 + 1 1 superprize
8 2 60,000 rubles
7 + 1 3 9,000 rubles
7 4 3,000 rubles
6 + 1 5 1,800 rubles Only in Rapido! 67% of the cost of each ticket goes to the prize fund
6 6 600 rubles
5 + 1 7 300 rubles
5 8 120 rubles
4 + 1 9 60 rubles

Where to buy?

At present you can play Rapido on the website, on, by SMS, through Stoloto app for Android and iOS, and at the retail sales points.

How to claim your lottery prizes?

Attention! Codes to claim lottery prizes are not sent to Rapido winners for amounts of less than 100,000 rubles.

Lottery prizes up to 100,000 rubles are claimed directly to your Personal Area without a code in 2-4 minutes after a drawing.

In order to claim lottery prizes of more than 100,000 rubles you will need the number of the receipt, the unique code, and the lottery prizes code that you received by text message.

The format to request the lottery prize code again if you have accidentally deleted the text message is: code XXXXX, where XXXXX — number of the lottery prize receipt typed (important!) without spaces. Send it to 9999. The text message will cost the same as a normal text message on your mobile phone tariff.

Example of a text message with a lottery prizes code:


For more details on claiming lottery prizes over 100,000 rubles you can phone: +7 499 270 27 27.

General rules on claiming lottery prizes

How are drawings held?

Drawings in Rapido are held every 15 minutes. Only lottery bets registered on the lottery system can participate in the drawing. Accounting of bets and calculation of lottery prizes is fully automated and fraud-proof. Ticket sales for the next drawing close just before the drawing starts.
Drawings are held in the presence of a drawing committee. A random number generator is used to determine the lottery prize combination.
The lottery prize combination is composed of 8 + 1 numbers and is chosen within several seconds. At the end of the drawing the committee signs the protocol detailing the results. The drawing results are immediately published on the website and then in the media within 10 days.

How is the Rapido prize fund determined?

The prize fund is composed of 67% of takings. After the lottery prize combination is selected, the results are calculated and the lottery prizes distributed across all nine categories. Each bet can only win in one category.
The superprize is paid to the winner who has correctly guessed 8 numbers in the main part of the field and 1 number in the additional part. The amount of the superprize is calculated after the prize fund for the other categories has been distributed. If no one gets 8 + 1 numbers correct in this drawing, the accumulated sum rolls over to the next drawing.

Where to learn the results of Rapido drawings

The results of the drawings are posted on the and websites and can also be heard on the phone: +7 499 270 27 27.

Legal Information

VGL 3 Sport

The lottery is conducted in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 687-p of 02.05.2012. The short official name of the lottery: VGL 3 Sport. The commercial name is Rapido.
Lottery organiser: Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation
Lottery operator: ZAO State Sport Lottery
Lottery period: up to 31.12.2029

Tax on lottery prizes

Tax on lottery prizes in the Rapido lottery is calculated at 13%. Tax must be paid individually by the player. A tax declaration must be made by April of the year following the one in which the money was won. Tax must be paid by June of the year following the one in which the money was won.

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