Russian Lotto

Джекпот 58 000 000 ₽
до трансляции тиража
Трансляции по воскресеньям в 8:20 на НТВ
Russian Lotto has been running since 1994. Since 2014 it has been part of the state lottery package Sport.

In 2014 alone, more than 50 apartments, 40 country houses, 100 cars, and many other interesting prizes were given away.

Russian Lotto: How to play

Russian Lotto is a lottery in which the well-known game! This is almost the same as that nice old lotto game you used to play in childhood. The presenter pulls out barrels, and you find and mark their number on your cards. The first one to cover their card gets a prize. Only the presenter now covers all of Russia, and the show is broadcast ‘on television’. And it’s been going that way for more than 20 years! The prizes are very varied and really interesting — cars, apartments, holiday trips, and even a Jackpot!

To play in a drawing is very simple — buy tickets, tune in to NTV and follow the drawing. Call your friends and acquaintances to join you — a good time for everyone is guaranteed. And one of you might even be the winner of a big prize!

See you on Sunday, at 14:00 a.m., on NTV channel

Detailed rules of the game

Видео предыдущего тиража

Трансляция RL

Каждую неделю в тиражах разыгрываются квартиры, загородные дома, автомобили, путешествия или крупные денежные призы. Трансляции по воскресеньям в 14:00 на НТВ

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