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Vladimir Ivanovich (Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences):
«Students ask me: is it possible to calculate winning in a lottery? No, it’s always accidental. This is why the lottery is unique».
Arkady (Sales Assistant):
«Since I stopped believing in Santa Claus, I stopped believing in miracles. But once a week, when buying a lottery ticket, I recall those feelings: magic, anticipation»
Vera Semyonovna (retired):
«When I was young, I used to purchase Sportloto lottery tickets. When I retired, I decided to relive my youth. There are so many lotteries now! But I only buy time-honored ones».
Jesus (expatriate):
«In Spain, all my friends purchase lottery tickets from time to time. Russians have a cautious attitude towards lotteries. Por Que, amigos? It’s fun».

Informed participation

How to get pleasure from playing lotteries and how to understand when it's time to stop.

Find out about the three main facts about lotteries


Lotteries are popular

Lotteries are one of the most popular and affordable forms of entertainment in the world. According to various data, up to 57% of the world's adult population purchased a lottery ticket at least once.

More than a million people take part in Russian state lotteries weekly. At the same time, 100k participants win every day.


Lotteries are safe

In most countries, lotteries are supervised by state authorities.

Russian lotteries are organized by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Sports. Lotteries are regulated by Federal Law No. 138-FZ "On Lotteries". Part of the funds from sold tickets are returned to the treasury.


Lotteries are a natural source of pleasure

Watching a movie, a sports match, delicious food, an interesting conversation, participation in lotteries... These actions are in the same group because they involve the same area of the brain — a system of internal reinforcement, or a system of rewards, responsible for pleasure.

Pleasure is more intense when results are unpredictable. Simply put, unexpected luck pleases more than the one in which you have no doubt. That's why lotteries contribute to increased production of dopamine, the hormone for happiness. It is especially interesting that dopamine is produced at the time of buying a ticket.

Find out your player type

Attitudes towards lotteries are developed by players themselves. Everyone gets certain impressions from playing lotteries on the basis of their own experience. You must play responsibly. Lotteries are designed to please people and promote social well-being. Let's try to figure it out.

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