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The equipment used in state lottery drawings has been certified and guarantees truly random winning numbers. The equipment has been awarded numerous state certificates and was tested many times. All the equipment has been brought into compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law “On Lotteries” and provides for 100% random selection of winning combinations.

Bag and Little Barrels

The bag is made of thick, non-transparent fabric. This guarantees that no one will see the numbers on the little barrels inside. The size of the bag allows free mixing of all ninety little barrels inside. The little barrels are made of solid beech pieces, thoroughly polished and identical in size and weight. The numbers on the little barrels cannot be identified by touch. Numbers 6, 9, 68, 89 include a dot at the bottom. This allows correct determination of the number regardless of from which side the little barrel is viewed. Before the drawing, all the little barrels are lined up in sequence from 1 to 90 on a transparent plexiglass drum. In the presence of the audience, the drawing commission selected from among the audience members checks all the little barrels. Then a mechanical device is used to send the little barrels into the bag through a transparent tube. The bag is tied, and the little barrels are thoroughly mixed while suspended. Then the bag is placed on the table, and the tie is loosened to allow the presenter’s hand to enter, while none of the little barrels are visible. The presenter then takes out the little barrels one by one, calling out the numbers. The game continues for 10-15 minutes. After the drawing, the bag with little barrels is stored under conditions that preclude access of other people to it.

This approach is used in the following lotteries:

Lotto (Russian Bingo)

Lotto Machine

Consists of a loading carriage, a transparent mixing drum and a receiving tray. A unique set of balls is used for each type of lottery, except for 6 out of 36, which are held automatically in the same lotto machine. The balls are calibrated by weight with precision of up to a fraction of a milligram. Each ball has its own separate certification. The numbers are applied on the game pieces at the factory. Numbers 6, 9, 68, 89 include a dot at the bottom. This allows correct determination of the number regardless of from which side the ball is viewed. The balls can be touched only by someone wearing special anti-static gloves. The balls and the sphere have been covered with an antistatic spray. The processes of mixing and delivering the winning balls are fully automatic. A self-loading carriage is used in the equipment for live coverage of lottery drawings. The duration of each drawing depends on the number of balls in the winning combinations and takes from 1 to 15 minutes.

This approach is used in the following lotteries:

4 out of 20
5 out of 36
6 out of 45
7 out of 49
6 out of 36

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Consists of a generator of random electric noises and a device that converts these noises into numbers. A certain number corresponds to each noise range. The ranges are different for each type of lottery, depending on how many numbers form the winning combination. All the devices and programs have been certified and are tested regularly. The drawing takes just several seconds, therefore the RNG is irreplaceable in lotteries that hold drawings more frequently than once an hour.

This approach is used in the following lotteries:

Top 3
Prikup (Talon)
KENO Sportloto

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