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How to play Lotteries

It is easy to play state lotteries: select a lottery, pay for the ticket, learn the result. You won? Then get your winnings. Lotteries are available everywhere – online, mobile apps, at retail sales locations or via text messaging. Select the type that you prefer!

How do I purchase a lottery ticket?

Stoloto Lottery Online Supermarket

Drawing lottery tickets are sold online 24 hours a day. Select a lottery, click on the numbers or the ticket in the playing field, make your payment. If you win, you will get a text message with a secret code. Full and mobile versions of the website are available.

Stoloto Mobile App

Download the iOS or Android app and purchase lottery tickets on your Smartphone, during your lunch break, en route to work, during a commercial break. All the tickets purchased with the app are shown in your personal area at

Retail Sales Locations

You can acquire tickets of all the lotteries in specialized lottery sales locations, Svyaznoy, Euroset and MegaFon communications showrooms, Russian Post offices, BaltBet Bookmaker Offices, Rostelecom offices and other offices of partners of Stoloto Trading House. Pyaterochka Supermarkets sell Russian Lotto and Housing Lottery tickets at their cashier stations. You can find the closest location to you on the website, and in the Telegram bot (Point of Sales Button in the main menu).

Text Message

If you have a mobile phone (even a button one), and you are a user of the Russian communications operator, send a text message regarding ticket purchase to a short number 9999 and respond to the messages sent by the system. If you win, you will get a text message with a secret code.

Vending Machines

These are the trade terminals that sell instant and drawing lottery tickets. These ticket vending machines accept banking cards, RUB 10 coins and RUB 50, 100, 500, and 1000 bills.

How to Select Options

Lotteries with Multimillion-Ruble Winnings

If you like selecting numbers and thinking about combinations, and if you wish to wake up one day as a millionaire, then choose one of the lotteries with multimillion-ruble winnings.

5 out of 36
6 out of 45
7 out of 49
4 out of 20

Lotteries with Apartments, Cars and Millions of Rubles in Prizes

In these lotteries, you can win a great variety of prizes! Cars, houses, apartments, trips, which do you choose? The numbers have already been selected, you just have to draw the lucky ones! Watch the Win with Us show each Sunday on NTV.

6 out of 36

Fast Lotteries

These lotteries are for those who need results as soon as possible: prize drawings are held once every 15 minutes.

KENO- Sportloto
Top 3
Prikup (Talon)

Instant Lotteries

With these lotteries, you can learn instantly if you have won – just remove the protective surface layer. Instant winnings can be paid at the point of sale. You decide when you want to check what you have won!


How to Pay for Your Tickets


All retail points of sale and vending machines accept cash. Add cash to your personal lottery account on the website, via a mobile app or via a text message when you purchase a ticket.

Stoloto Wallet

This is your personal account that is set up when you register at the website. This is the fastest and most convenient way of paying for the tickets and winning up to RUB100,000 in any place with cellular phone lines or Internet access.

Banking card, electronic money or your cell phone account

MasterCard, Visa, and Mir cards are accepted on the website, including the mobile version of the website, in the mobile app and in many retail sales locations. You can pay for your tickets and add money to your Stoloto Wallet via the QIWI Wallet and Yandex.Dengi app. Tickets of individuals with MegaFon, MTS, BeeLine and Tele2 phones can be paid for via a text message from the phone account.

Promotional Codes and Bonuses

Participate in events and activities on the website and in social networks and receive promotional codes and bonuses, which can be used to pay for lottery tickets on the website and in mobile apps. Bonuses are also awarded for each ticket purchased on the website. Accumulate them and use them to purchase new tickets and bonus games.

Where to Learn the Results

At, in the mobile app, by text message

The results of all recent drawings are published on and websites and Stoloto apps for iOS and Android. To learn about earlier results, use drawings archives, or, better yet, check your tickets by number. If you have won from a purchased ticket that requires providing your cell phone number, you will receive a text message on your phone. Drawings of six winning combinations can be seen live.

Telegram Messenger

You can find out about Stoloto Telegram Bot and learn the results from the bot. Main Menu, Drawings Results button.

Lottery Kiosks

Ask the sales assistants about the drawings of interest to you, and they will tell you the lucky numbers. Alternatively, give them the ticket to check it.

In Mass Media

The results of Russian Lotto, Housing Lottery and the Golden Horseshoe Lottery are published on Wednesdays in Argumenty i Fakty Weekly, and announced on Sundays on the Win with Us! program on NTV.

On Website

This is the website that collects all the official results of state lotteries, lottery news and information on winners.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Under 1,000 Rubles

Depending on the method of purchase, winnings under RUB1,000 are paid in cash at retail points of sales and vending machines; alternatively, the winnings can be made by bank transfer to the player’s Stoloto Wallet, and from there to other payment instruments.

Under 100,000 Rubles

All the winnings under RUB100,000 can be transferred to the player’s bank account. Depending on the method of purchase, winnings under RUB5,000, 10,000, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 are paid in cash at retail points of sales and vending machines with appropriate payment limits; alternatively, the winnings can be made by bank transfer to the player’s Stoloto Wallet, and from there to other payment instruments.

Under 1,000,000 Rubles

All the winnings under RUB1,000,000 can be transferred to the player’s bank account. File an application with all the necessary documents, and mail it to Russian Post to the company’s main office. Winnings under RUB200,000 (under RUB300,00 in the Stoloto Lottery Center in Moscow) can be cashed at retail points of sale with corresponding payment limits.

Over RUB 1,000,000

The documents to receive payments in excess of RUB1,000,000 for all type of tickets can only be received by the winner in person at Stoloto’s Main Office.

You can claim your winnings within 6 months after the results of the drawing are published in the mass media.

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