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Why You Can Trust Us

Only All-Russian state lotteries and international lotteries are currently allowed in Russia. Stoloto is an official distributor of All-Russian state lotteries. This is the largest hi-tech company on Russia’s lottery market. An important part of our work is taking care of the participants’ security, from choosing the lottery and purchasing the ticket to receiving the winnings.

The Company’s activity is regulated by the state

Holding and distribution of state lotteries is carried out in accordance with Federal Law No. 138-FZ On Lotteries. The law defines the responsibilities of the individuals participating in organizing and conducting the lotteries, establishes the mandatory lottery regulations and formulates the requirements for the lottery equipment. The state bodies of authority oversee the process of organizing and holding lotteries and maintaining the unified register of lottery terminals. The work of the Company is also overseen by the Federal Tax Service and independent audit companies.


We hold our drawings in a live broadcast

Six drawings take place in the world’s only Stoloto Lottery Center. Five fully automated lottery drums are installed in the room with a glass wall. Anyone can come and see the process of selecting the winning combinations. All the events are automatically recorded by six video cameras, which transmit the drawing live all over the world where Internet access is available. Recordings of each drawing are published at and on Stoloto Channel in YouTube.

We use only certified lottery equipment

ПIn our lotteries, we use only certified equipment that meets the requirements of the Federal Law On Lotteries. Lottery terminals must not contain any data storage units, parts or devices that are not available for inspection. The equipment must provide for:

  • random distribution of winnings;
  • impossibility of determining the results of the drawing before it begins.

The lottery drums were manufactured by world leaders in design and manufacture of lottery machinery: Smartplay International(US), Ryo-Catteau and Akanis Technologies (France). The Random Number Generator has been certified by the Interregional Testing Center, an organization officially registered with Rosstandart that has extensive experience in certifying similar kinds of equipment.


A Member of International Lottery Associations

The activities of Stoloto Trading House have been recognized by professional lottery businesses from other countries. The company is a member of the World and European Lottery Associations that bring together operators and distributors of major national lotteries of the United States and Europe.

Open and Well-Known all across Russia

Russian State Lottery tickets are sold in every region of Russia in more than 60,000 retail points of sale and in Lottery Online Supermarket, visited by 7 million unique users every month. The information on record winnings is shared via major information agencies and TV channels. The advertising campaigns held by Stoloto TD on radio, television, and online are regulated by the Federal Law “On Advertising,” which means that the advertising materials contained in them include only truthful information on prizes and the number of winners. The drawings of six types of lotteries are broadcast live at, Russian Lotto and Housing Lottery coverage is provided by NTV in the TV program “Win with Us!”

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Confidentiality and protection of personal data

We use only reliable data protection methods for registering tickets and online wins:

  • a protected Internet connection (transfer of data via the https protocol, use of SSL certificates with a 256-bit cypher;
  • registration with required confirmation of the email address and the cell phone number;
  • text message passwords for making payments, and passwords (codes) for getting winnings;
  • limits payment of winnings via the website.

Lottery Equipment of All-Russian State Lotteries

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