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Company Partners

We care for comfort and safety of lottery participants, so we work only with reliable partners who proved themselves in the best possible way.


Russian Post

A national postal operator. It comprises more than 40,000 post offices all across Russia. Russian Post is one of the oldest postal operators in Europe.



The largest Russian retail chain specialized in trading mobile and portable electronics and providing services in the field of mobile communications and financial services. The company is represented with more than 4,000 communications stores visited by over 50 million customers per month. The Evroset brand is one of the best known in Russia. It has been operating since 1997.



One of the largest national telecommunication companies in Russia and Europe. It is present in all segments of the telecommunication market. A retail chain of Rostelecom comprises about 1,000 commercial hubs and service centers. It has been operating since 1993.



Megafon is a federal-level communications provider holding leading positions in the telecommunication market in Russia and in the world, with a subscriber base of more than 76 million people. It has its own chain of more than 1,900 sales offices. It has been operating since 1993.



The largest federal-level multichannel retailer in Russia. About 2,800 Svyaznoy stores operate in Russia, visited by over 1.5 million people every day. It has been operating since 1995.



One of key participants of the betting market. It comprises over 500 betting shops located within easy reach of clients. It has been operating since 2003.



A federal lottery chain. It comprises over 150 offices of state lotteries sales and payouts all across Russia located in modern shopping malls, at train stations and in grocery store chains. It is a part of BaltBet Group.



The largest federal “neighborhood” grocery store chain in Russia, which supervises the work of over 9,000 supermarkets. It is a part of X5 Retail Group. It has been operating since 1998.

Mass Media



A Russian national TV company with the audience of over 120 million people. It makes the top three in the television market of the country. The broadcast of the channel covers 99.2% of the population. On air since 1993.


Argumenty i Fakty

One of the most reputed and successful Russian outlets, a leader among national daily newspapers. The readership of one issue is 6,548,000 people. The semi-annual readership, according to TNS, is 26,460,000 people (almost a half of Russian adult population). Published since January of 1978.

Payment services



A convenient service of electronic payments in thr Runet. It can be used to receive money transfers and to make payments. Cards, cash and e-money are accepted. There are solutions for individuals and legal entities. It has been operating since 2002.


Qiwi Wallet

A payment service. It includes over 18 million virtual wallets and more than 157,000 payment terminals and kiosks. With QIWI, trading companies accept payments (in cash or in an electronic form) amounting to over 69 billion rubles from more than 53 million clients who use the services of the network at least once a month. It has been operating since 2008.


Wallet One

A payment service over 7,000,000 companies use as a platform to develop their businesses, including more than 40,000 online shops in more than 15 countries of the world. It has been in use for 10 years.

Branch associations


World Lottery Association

The international professional group of companies that comprises state lottery operators, sports betting operators and suppliers of special equipment, including over 140 lottery companies from 75 countries of the world. Established in 1999.


European Lotteries Association

The association of European participants of the lottery industry. It comprises lottery companies from 45 countries, including 28 EU member states. Established in 1983.

Design Studio


Art. Lebedev Studio

It is one of the best known and the largest design studios in Russia. It deals with graphic and city design, creating websites and designing interfaces, font designs and navigation systems. Established in 1995.

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