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19 July 2021

The main premiere of the spring – a new lottery: “Rocketbingo”!

What will happen if you combine instant and bingo lotteries?
19 July 2021

On renaming the lottery “12/24”

Find out more!
24 June 2019

New rules have been introduced to the Gosloto 7 out of 49 Lottery

Guess 7 numbers right and make half a billion!
4 April 2019

One billion rubles raffled off in the New Year Russian Lotto draw!

Find out who the lucky winner was!
3 December 2018

For the first time in history of Gosloto «7 out of 49» super prize was won

Super prize — 134 957 197 rubles
3 December 2018

Lottery «Zodiac»: get acquainted with new product

Grand prize — million!
27 June 2018

Joker, a new state lottery

You can choose your cards!
27 June 2018

A new record! More than 3,000 millionaires!

That’s a huge number
17 May 2018

A resident of Bashkortostan has won over 83 million rubles in Gosloto “6 out of 45”

This is the fourth millionaire in the last week
15 May 2018

Bingo-75: tickets for the 1st draw are already available

In order to win, you need to either get certain shapes in the playing field («Angles» and «Crosses») or cross out all the numbers
14 May 2018

A resident from Tula has won the super prize of 10 million rubles in the Sportloto Matchball

This is the first super prize drawn in the new lottery
26 February 2018

Two prizes and a jackpot drawn in Gosloto "5 out of 36" during this weekend’s public holidays

Who won more: our citizen from Moscow or our citizen from Krasnodar?
16 February 2018

A prize of more than 26 million rubles has been announced during draw No. 8019 of Gosloto "5 out of 36"

He won more than anyone else! The numbers came out within a very narrow range
2 January 2018

New lottery – Sportloto Matchball

From the legendary lottery to the new flagship Sportloto Matchball
1 January 2018

Over 2 billion rubles are raffled! More than 18.8 million winning tickets!

The Jackpot is hit and left for Kazan
19 November 2017

A resident of the Stavropol Krai won the 100-million-ruble Jackpot in the 1206th Russian Lotto drawing

We congratulate the multimillionaire from the Voronezh Region
17 November 2017

The winner of 506 million rubles has been found!

Meet her! Her name is Natalya Petrovna Vlasova
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