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The Russian bobsleigh and skeleton team took the second place at the European Championship

The official partner of the Russian bobsleigh and skeleton team Gosloto congratulates the athletes with a successful performance at the European Championship.
On December 17 the European bobsleigh and skeleton championship was held in Innsbruck (Austria) within the framework of the fifth stage of the World Cup.
All awards were taken by the skeletonists. The second place with the result of 1 minute 46.52 seconds was taken by Nikita Tregubov. This result also gave him a chance to take the third place in the fifth stage of the World Cup.
«We initially counted on the high result of Nikita Tregubov in these competitions,» explained the head coach of the Russian national bobsleigh and skeleton team Danil Chaban. «At the deciding start he showed himself at his best.»
Nikita Tregubov himself believes the things that helped him to achieve high results were training, support of the coaches and ability to distract from excitement before an important start:
«When I’m distracted, I get less obsessed, I can manage it. I try to think about my family, about something nice. Perhaps, that is what helped me,» said Nikita Tregubov, silver medalist of the European skeleton championship.
The gold medal of the Russian national team was won by Yelena Nikitina, who showed the result of 1 minute 48.80 seconds, breaking away from the closest rivals by 0.6 seconds. This result also gave Yelena a chance to take the first place in the fifth stage of the World Cup.
«That is my favorite track. I had a lot of competitions on it, I know it pretty well,» says Yelena Nikitina, the gold medalist of the European Championship. «The coaches expected such a result from me. They were glad that everything went exactly as planned.»
Alexei Stulnev’s crew in bobsleigh fours took the 5th place at the European bobsleigh championship (6th place in the World Cup). Teams commanded by pilots Alexander Kasyanov and Maxim Andrianov, took the 7th and 10th places respectively (8th and 12th places in the World Cup). In doubles Alexander Kasyanov won the 10th place (15th place in the World Cup), Alexei Stulnev got the 12th (17th place in the World Cup) and Maxim Andrianov — the 16th (21st place in the World Cup). The 5th place was won by Alexandra Rodionova’s crew in women’s doubles (12th place in the World Cup).
According to the results of the Championship the first team place was taken by the team of Germany, the second by Russia, the third by Latvia. At the previous European competition the Russian team was the fourth. The next stage of the bobsleigh and skeleton World Cup will be held on January 5th to 7th in Altenberg, Germany.
Gosloto has been the official partner of the Russian Bobsleigh Federation since 2011.
PHOTO: International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF)/Viesturs Lacis

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