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18 October 2017

New Stoloto Centre in Moscow is a World First

Watch lottery draws live

A unique new lottery centre has opened on Volgogradsky Prospect in Moscow. There’s nothing like it in the world! Come visit! What will you find?


Fully automatic lotto machines

Come and see with your own eyes how winning combinations are made at Russian state lotteries: Gosloto «4 out of 20», Gosloto «6 out of 49», Gosloto «5 out of 36», Gosloto «7 out of 49», Sportloto «6 out of 49» and 6 out of 36. The draws use fully automatic lotto machines made by the world industry leader, Smartplay International. From loading of the balls in the carriage to the selection of winning numbers — everything is automated in this lotto machines, there is no a human operator.
The lotto machines are installed in a special room with transparent walls. So anyone can come and watch the draws as they happen.

Live broadcast

The lottery draws are broadcast live on the Internet. You can watch the draws as they happen from anywhere in the world on the broadcast page.

Lottery tickets

You can buy tickets for all state lotteriesat the Lottery Centre (those with draws and also instant lotteries).
There is a huge range of instant lotteries to choose from: with jubilee designs (issued for the 870th anniversary of the city of Moscow), the Sports Season lottery and the recently launched New Year lottery series: Forward to Victory and Faster, Higher, Stronger!

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Payouts 7 days a week, without holidays and weekends

Come to the Lottery Centre to claim winnings of any size in any lottery, including cashpayouts (up to 50,000 rubles instantly and up to 300,000 rubles by previousappointment). Larger amounts are paid by non-cash transfer, which consultants at the Lottery Centre will help you to arrange.

Address and opening hours of the Stoloto Lottery Centre

Address: Moscow, Volgogradsky Prospect, 43, building 3.
Watch draws and obtain professional consultations from 9:00 to 00:30.
Sale of lottery tickets, payment and registration of winnings from 9:00 to 23:00.
The Lottery Centre is open for business every day of the year.

Come and see us, bring your friends!

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