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1 January 2018

Over 2 billion rubles are raffled! More than 18.8 million winning tickets!

Russian lotto New Year draw’s results

Lo and behold! Over 2 billion rubles are R-A-F-F-L-E-D in Russian lotto! The most long-awaited draw has come off! We are happy to announce the main figures: they impress.

Record participants

Never before in the history of Russian lotteries had been such a rush. 42,500,003 tickets participated in № 1212 New Year draw. Absolute record! As if all Russians were waiting for a New Year draw.

Record winners, record sums offered in a raffle

18,895,309 tickets won in a draw. Just think over this figure! And the main thing. The total of ALL gains is 2,286,454,048 rubles. Two billion two hundred and eighty-six million four hundred and fifty-four thousand forty-eight rubles! And this is also the absolute record. No other Russian lottery had ever raffled such a fabulous prize. Not even close to that!

Jackpot is won!

Lucky beggar from Kazan won 250 million rubles Jackpot in a New Year draw. Hip, hip, hurrah to the winner! He bought his ticket at

Fortune calling!

Dear participants of Russian lotto’s New Year draw. Your example confirms that lottery traditions in Russia are not just revitalized, but are becoming part of our lives. Buying a lottery ticket today is just as commonplace today as buying bread or paying for telephone. Choosing Stoloto you choose state lotteries. They are — numerous lotteries for all tastes with gains’ guarantee. You trust us. We highly appreciate you are with us.

Win more often. Win more. Happy New Year!

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