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2 January 2018

New lottery – Sportloto Matchball

One ball to your victory!

Sportloto is a lottery brand known since 1970. The drawing coverage on the central channel, famous athletes on the Lottery Commission, popular feature film Sportloto-82 — Sportloto has turned into a legend within decades. Today, we are turning a new page in this story. Meet the lottery Sportloto Matchball!

The minimum combination is five numbers in the first field and one number, which is also a bonus ball, in the second field.

Advantages of the new lottery

— A bonus ball — it is enough to just guess it to win.
— Guaranteed super prize — 10 million rubles.
— And 9 more prize categories — all tickets where you have guessed two numbers in the first field or a bonus ball will win.
— Live coverage of drawings from the lottery center.

Timetable and tickets

The lottery drawings will be held three times a week — on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The drawing starts at 8:00 pm Moscow time.

The minimum ticket price is 100 rubles. Sales for the nearest drawing close 20 minutes before the kick-off.

The new lottery brings new emotions and new odds of winning. But the main thing remains unchanged: to become a contender for a victory, it is sufficient to buy a ticket. Fortune favors the bold. Do it!

*The phrase «One ball to your victory!» means the procedure for determining winnings in the 9th category.

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