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    Super prize 1,166,887 ₽
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    Results of drawing No. 885 on 15.10.2019

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    How to play Zodiac

    Prize fund 50 % of game revenue
    Bets for 25 ₽
    Super prize 1,166,887 ₽

    Mark one number in each of the four playing fields. The first field corresponds to the day, the second field to the month, the third field to the year, the fourth field to the Zodiac sign. To win, it is enough to guess only one number. By guessing the numbers in all four fields, you get the Super prize. Drawings take place daily, at 22:30 Moscow time. Ticket sales for the next drawing stop 20 minutes prior to its start. Tune in for a direct broadcast of our drawings at

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    Responsible gaming

    Attitudes towards lotteries are formed by the players themselves. Including their personal impressions, everyone gets on the basis of their experience. You need to play responsibly.

    Jesus (expatriate):
    «In Spain, all my friends purchase lottery tickets from time to time. Russians have a cautious attitude towards lotteries. Por Que, amigos? It’s fun».

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