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September 12

A winner in Novosibirsk scooped more than 4.3 million rubles in the Talon (Prikup) lottery

The winning draw was straight out of Pushkin’s ‘Queen of Spades’ — a three, a seven and an ace!
September 9

Presenting the commemorative series of Sportloto instant lottery tickets to mark the 870th anniversary of Moscow

Buy for yourself, give to your friends, keep them as a souvenir. Every fourth ticket is a winner.
June 13

‘Zolotaya Podkova’ (Golden Luck) hit the jackpot in its 93rd drawing

A 9.2 million-ruble ticket, from the post office!
June 8

40 billion rubles have been won by entrants in the state lotteries

Since 2009, winners in the state lotteries have scooped more than 40 billion rubles. It’s amazing!
May 30

A Novosibirsk resident won 300 million rubles on Gosloto ‘4 out of 20’

First in the history of the lottery! The lucky ticket was purchased in Novosibirsk.
May 21

A Sochi resident won a record 364.6 million rubles on Stoloto ‘6 out of 45’

It’s a new record! Congratulations to the lucky winner!
May 10

About the Domovoi

The Domovoi is a character from Slavic mythology, a household genie and the symbol of Russia’s Zolotaya Podkova (Golden Horseshoe) lottery. What does it mean, and what to do?
April 12

Happy birthday to our first online lottery ticket! Here are some of the key milestones in its history

A Hitch-hiker’s guide to the Stoloto Galaxy: Seven years of cosmic journeys
March 6

Largest-ever 6 out of 36 jackpot won in the 79th draw

Player of 6 out of 36 wins 26 million rubles in the 79th draw
February 14

Major jackpot won in Rapido

More than 6 million rubles were won by a Muscovite who bought his ticket online at The ticket cost a mere 60 rubles.
February 5

A thousand winners!

Players have won more than 1,000 properties in the Housing Lottery
January 13

Largest jackpot won since the start of the year in Gosloto “5 out of 36”

The jackpot was won in the 6,025th draw of Gosloto «5 out of 36». The winner will receive more than 14 million rubles.
January 1

Winners of the Schastlivoe Utro (Happy Morning), New Year's special

We played more than 320 million rubles during the Schastlivoe Utro, New Year’s special.
January 1

Billion has been played!

We played more than 1 billion rubles close before the New Year
6 December 2016

Guaranteed super prize “Gosloto “4 out of 20”: 1 billion rubles

Anyone who guesses 4 numbers in the first field and 4 numbers in the second field, will receive a billion rubles*. Tickets are now on sale.
11 November 2016

Welcome to Schastlivoe Utro backstage

We joined the work crew to tell our readers how the show is created.
3 November 2016

Two participants of 2414-th Gosloto “6 out of 45” drawing shared more than 250 million!

Yes, two of participants were able to guess the lucky combination (20, 21, 45, 5, 10, 42), and now they are multimillionaires.
27 September 2016

Lotto machine are produced here

Exactly these lotto machines and balls you see in Housing Lottery and Zolotaya Podkova every weekend.
7 September 2016

The whole truth about lottery balls

All about the preparation for the drawing of the Football Lottery «6 out of 36»: how and where balls are stored before they are put in the drawing machine.
6 September 2016

Interview with Mikhail Borisov, Russian Lotto host

«I picked up so much weight that comparing the weight of the kegs with a weight of stones, bricks and sand I could block the Yenisei or build a hydroelectric power station.»
12 May 2016

More than 29 million rubles were played in “Sports Lotto 6 out of 49”

We heartily congratulate our champion and wait for him/her at the Stoloto central office.
30 April 2016

Lottery tickets are on sale in Stoloto lottery supermarket!

We remind that the minimum super prize is 3 million rubles. The minimum prize is 100 rubles. Ticket price is 100 rubles. Drawings are broadcasted on Saturdays at 8:15 am, on NTV. The rules are simple.
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