Detailed rules of the game Golden Luck

Rules for the Golden Luck lottery game

For good luck, some people look for a four-leaved clover, others dream of meeting a chimney sweep, and still others go to rub the nose of the dog statues in a certain Moscow metro station. For you, all you need to do for good luck is to buy a ticket for the Golden Luck lottery.

What is the Golden Luck lottery?

The principle of the game is similar to popular bingo-type games — Russian Lotto and the Housing Lottery: one ticket, two playing fields, 15 numbers in each one. But in the Golden Luck the game always goes up to the 87-th go. And that means that every third ticket is a winner!*
What’s more, in each drawing someone is guaranteed to win 1,000,000 rubles!

Which tickets win?

Drawings for the Golden Luck are held in several rounds.
In the 1st round tickets win if they have all five numbers in any horizontal row of the upper or lower cards matching the numbers in the drawing before anyone else.
In the 2nd round tickets win if they have all 15 numbers in one card, upper or lower, matching those drawn before anyone else.
In the 3rd and final round tickets win if they have all 30 numbers of both cards matching the drawing before anyone else.
In order to win the superprize you need all five numbers in any horizontal row to match the first five numbers in the drawing. This ticket will automatically win the first round and will continue to play in the drawing for the remainder of the prize fund. Tickets winning in the second round are allowed to play in the rest of the drawing. Tickets winning in the third round are not allowed to play on.

What can you win?

At least 1,000,000 rubles are up for grabs in every drawing of the Golden Luck.
In addition, 1,000,000 rubles is the sum of the minimum guaranteed superprize won in the first five goes. The superprize in the lottery is cumulative and grows from drawing to drawing.
The lottery prize fund is 50%.

Where can you buy tickets?

Tickets for the Golden Luck are sold in lottery kiosks (ask your salesperson), in Russian Post outlets, and on

The cost of one ticket is 100 rubles.

Pay attention — tickets for the upcoming drawing can be purchased until 4:00 p.m. Moscow Time on Saturdays in lottery kiosks, and until 5:00 Moscow Time on Saturdays on

How are the drawings conducted?

The drawings are conducted using a lottery machine in a television studio in front of an audience and the drawing commission. The drawing commission checks that there is a full set of numbered balls.
Then the balls, numbered from 1 to 90, are drawn from the lottery machine, and the players find and check the numbers on their tickets. At the end of every drawing there are three balls left in the lottery machine.

Where can you watch the drawing and the results?

The drawings of the Golden Luck are broadcast every Sunday at
The results of the drawing are published on and within 10 days of the event. You can also check the information by telephone on +7 (499) 27-027-27 or by ringing free number *777 (only for subscribers of BeeLine, MegaFon, and MTS).

How do you claim winnings?

Most retails sales points pay out winnings of up to 2,000 rubles. Therefore to claim your winnings, just speak to a salesperson and present your ticket.
For more information on claiming winnings, please read the section «How to claim winnings».
Winnings of more than 1,000,000 rubles are paid out only from the company’s central office (Avilon Business Centre, 43 Volgogradsky Prospekt, building 3, Moscow).

Legal Information

VGL 4 Sport, drawing algorithm No.1
The lottery is conducted in accordance with Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated May 2, 2012 No. 687-р.
The lottery organizer is the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.
The lottery operator is State Sport Lottery.
The period of validity of the lottery is until December 31, 2029.


Taxes on winnings in the Golden Luck lottery are 13%. The winner is responsible for paying them independently. A tax declaration must be made by April of the year following the win.
Taxes must be paid by June of the year following the win.
Out of the total drawing the value of one to 3.4 is the probability of getting 30 numbers on the ticket in 87 goes with a total number of figures on the ticket of exactly 30 and a total number of balls in the lottery machine of 90.

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